Man to Man - Questions on sex among men

We address all men who have sexual contact with other men, regardless of its frequency.

We are here for you, if you need us – in our service centre at AIDS Hilfe Steiermark, online, in bars or other meeting spots. Get in touch, if you feel like it!

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Online or offline, everyone as he likes it:

Counselling from man to man

No matter what your concern is – we are happy to support you!

Whether you have troubles in your relationship or questions about sexuality, health, the everyday life or on the ways of pleasure, we are glad to help you – on the spot of the scene bars in Graz, via online-chat or in a personal counselling meeting.


En route in Graz:

People to contact on the spot of the scene:

Markus und Clemens

You will meet us regularly in these locations:

Cage (Rebengasse)
Stars (Schönaugasse)
Silber (Klosterwiesgasse)
Lustspiel (Jakoministraße)

Simply ask the people behind the counter for Markus or Clemens from AIDS-Hilfe Steiermark – they will set up a meeting.




At the service centre:

Personal Counselling from Man to Man

We are also availalbe for personal counselling at our service centre.

Please call the office of AIDS-Hilfe Steiermark for an appointment (Monday to Friday, 9 am – 2 pm)

Telephone  (+43) 0316 81 50 50

Online Counselling from Man to Man:

Live Chat of the German AIDS-Hilfe

This LIVE CHAT is coordinated by the German AIDS-Hilfe e.V. and mainly operated by counselors working full-time or as volunteers at one of the over 30 regional AIDS-Hilfe Associations in Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

All counselors received special training on HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections, and can also provide well-grounded information on any other topic connected to sexual health.  The online chat is available everyday from 5 to 8 pm.

In addition, the counselors are trained in particular for counselling on the internet. To provide counselling that is anonymous and in confidence, as well as reliable and qualified, only the selected counselor and the consulter themself are able to access the chat dialogue. Other employees, partners or online portals do not have any influence and can not access the session.

Planet Romeo profile of the AIDS-Hilfe Steiermark

You can find us, Markus and Clemens, also on Planet Romeo.

If you have any questions, fears, concerns etc. on sexually transmitted diseases and/or risks when having sex with men, simply drop a message.

Markus: ich_will_es_wissen

Clemens: ich-will-es-wissen

Information on HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, with special focus on men having sex with other men:

Safer Sex Rules for men who have sex with men

Anal Sex: Always use a condom and sufficient lubricating cream*!

*) lubricating cream based upon water or silicone, non-fat only!

Oral Sex: No ejaculation into the mouth!

Fisting: New gloves with each different partner, when having anal sex afterwards use a non-fat lubricating cream only!

PrEP: PrEp is an alternative, if condoms are unacceptable for you. Talk to us!

Protection against HIV and STIs, as well as proper condom use arrow icon

In these locations condoms are handed out for free:


Lustspiel – Der Sexshop.Das Sexkino, Jakoministraße 12, 8010 Graz (at the bar)

Cage, Rebengasse 1, 8020 Graz (at the bar)

Stars Bar – Café, Schönaugasse 9, 8010 Graz (at the bar)

Cafe Silber, Klosterwiesgasse 3, 8010 Graz (at the bar)

Amsterdamshop, Quergasse 1, 8020 Graz

X-treme, Bahnhofgürtel 73, 8020 Graz

Mann zu Mann, Angebote