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AIDS-Hilfe Steiermark

Competent in questions of sexual health

Sexual health is more than the absence of diseases and sexual dysfunction. It is a state of physical, emotional, mental and social well-being. Sexual health requires a positive and respectful approach to your own sexuality and sexual relationships, free of oppression, discrimination and violence. HIV-prevention itself contributes torwards the aid of sexual health.

Definition by the WHO: Sexual Health (Link)

Our services

Aim of all of our services is to support competence on sexual health. For that purpose we are providing information, counselling and assistance concerning HIV/AIDS as well as sexually transmitted infections – regardless of personal circumstances, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion and political views.

Counselling and testing hours

Learn more about counselling and testing hours and how to contact us for counselling via telephone and e-mail.

Workshop Booking

Booking of youth, educators and adult/professional groups workshops via online form: Please inform us about the most important facts and the desired workshop - we will contact you to make an appointment!


Meet our team!

Man to Man

We address all men who have sexual contacts with other men, regardless of its frequency. Let's talk from man to man.
The following tests are available at AIDS-Hilfe Steiermark:

Laboratory-Test-Results available after one week.

  1. red ribbon

    HIV-Laboratory Test

    anonymous & free of charge
    HIV-test of the 4th generation (Antibody/Antigen-test)

  2. red ribbon

    HIV-Rapid Test

    anonymous, 30 € (cash only) - results about 30 minutes after blood draw
    Antibody/Antigen-rapid test

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    anonymous, 90 € (cash only)
    direct virus confirmation

  4. red ribbon


    anonymous, 20 € (cash only)

  5. red ribbon

    Hepatitis A

    anonymous, 20 € (cash only)

  6. red ribbon

    Hepatitis B

    anonymous, 30 € (cash only)

  7. red ribbon

    Hepatitis C

    anonymous, 25 € (cash only)

  8. red ribbon

    Hepatitis Package (A, B, C)

    anonymous, 65 € (cash only)

  9. red ribbon

    Hepatitis B - vaccination titer

    anonymous, 10 € (cash only)

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    Gonorrhea & Chlamydia

    Oral Swab, Vaginal Swab / Urin Sample, Rectal Swab; anonymous, single 20 €, all three combined 50 € (cash only)

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    BIG FOUR: BIG FIVE: HIV-Laboratory Test; Syphilis; Gonorrhea & Chlamydia (all three locations)

    anonymous, 65 € (cash only)

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    BIG FIVE: HIV-Laboratory Test; Syphilis; Gonorrhea & Chlamydia (all three locations); one Hepatitis test of your choice

    anonymous, 85 € (cash only)

Personal counselling and test

Counselling interview

Before the blood draw, a personal counselling interview will be conducted. In the interview you will choose a code word. In order to unmistakably assign test results, you will receive a card with this code word on it. Further, important information concerning the test are discussed in the interview and you will be able to ask questions yourself.

Test results are exclusively returned in person, not on the telephone and also not to other people. Insofar you are tested anonymously, no written confirmations are handed out.

Test and blood draw

A HIV-test detects whether or not a person was infected with HIV during an unsafe situation. In case of an infection, the human immune system raises antibodies. A Test searches for such antibodies. The raising of antibodies varies from person to person – it takes at least 2 weeks but not longer than 6 weeks. If no antibodies are found in the blood 6 weeks after the last unsafe situation, HIV infection can be excluded. A HIV-Rapid Test accordingly excludes an infection only after 12 weeks.


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Please note: Since January 1st 2017, new regulations concerning tax deductibility of donations apply.

If you want to deduct your donation from tax, you need to submit your full name and date of birth to us before the end of the respective year.

Counselling via e-mail

For counselling via e-mail, send an e-mail to beratung@aids-hilfe.at

Counselling by phone

During our official counselling hours you can contact us also by phone: (+43) 0316 / 81 50 50