Counselling and Test

Counselling and tests are anonymous!

During counselling and testing hours we offer:

Personal Counselling concerning HIV, syphilis and sexual health

HIV and syphilis test

Insofar you are tested anonymously, no written confirmations are handed out.

Counselling is also possible via telephone and e-mail.

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Our test offer

All Tests at AIDS-Hilfe Steiermark are anonymous.

The following tests are available:

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    HIV-Laboratory Test

    anonymous & free of charge - results after a week
    HIV-test of the 4th generation (Antibody/Antigen-test)

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    HIV-Rapid Test

    anonymous, 30 € (cash only) - results after 30 minutes blood draw
    Antibody/Antigen-rapid test

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    anonymous, 90 € (cash only) - results after a week
    direct virus confirmation

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    anonymous, 20 € (cash only) - results after a week

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    Hepatitis A

    anonymous, 20 € (cash only) - results after a week

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    Hepatitis B

    anonymous, 30 € (cash only) - results after a week

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    Hepatitis C

    anonymous, 25 € (cash only) - results after a week

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    Hepatitis Package (A, B, C)

    anonymous, 65 € (cash only) - results after a week

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    Hepatitis B - vaccination titer

    anonymous, 10 € (cash only) - results after a week

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    Gonorrhea & Chlamydia

    Oral Swab, Vaginal Swab / Urin Sample, Rectal Swab; anonymous, single 20 €, all three combined 50 € (cash only) - results after a week

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    BIG FOUR: BIG FIVE: HIV-Laboratory Test; Syphilis; Gonorrhea & Chlamydia (all three locations)

    anonymous, 65 € (cash only)

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    BIG FIVE-Offer: HIV-Laboratory Test; Syphilis; Hepatitis C; Gonorrhea & Chlamydia (all three locations)

    anonymous, 85 € (cash only) - results after a week

Please come to our office during testing and counselling hours with prior appointment via phone: call 0316/815050

  • A limited number of appointments are assigned by phone: +43 316 81 50 50 (anonymous, a random four digit number will be communicated)
  • Check-in at the reception you will  be called for by the number given to you prior via phone.


1.) You will receive a number at the reception with which you will be called.

2.) Before the blood draw, a personal counselling interview will be conducted. In the interview you will choose a code word. In order to unmistakably assign test results, you will receive a card with this code word on it. Further, important information concerning the test are discussed and you will be able to ask questions yourself.

3.) A doctor will perform the blood draw. The blood sample will be tagged with your code word, the blood sample number added to the card you were given.

4.) In case of an HIV-Rapid Test: about 30 minutes after the blood draw our counsellors will discuss the test results with you in person. Insofar tests are anonymous, no written confirmations are handed out.

In case of an HIV-Laboratory Test or Syphilis-Test: your counsellor will tell you during the personal interview (see step 2) when to collect the test results. From that day on, you can once again register at our reception during counselling hours (keep card and code word ready). Our counsellors will then discuss the test results with you in person.

Test results are exclusively returned in person, not on the telephone nor via email and also not to other people. Insofar tests are anonymous.

When should you do a test?

If you do not know your HIV status, had a risk situation or are uncertain.

What is meant by risk situation?

Any situation, in which HIV-infection is possible, is called a risk situation. In most cases, HIV is transmitted through unprotected sexual contact. According to that, condom failure and sex without condoms mark most risk situations, if the sex partner’s HIV status is unkown or HIV-positive.

For more information on paths of transmission and protection click here.

During your personal counselling interview, we will clarify whether a risk situation was given and an HIV-Test makes sense.

When will a test result be meaningful?

HIV Laboratory-Test:

Already in the third week after a risk, it is possible to perform a test. However, this preliminary result must be confirmed with another blood sample 6 weeks after the last unsafe situation.

In case of an HIV-infection the human immune system forms antibodies. This process varies from person to person and takes between at least 2 weeks to a maximum of 6 weeks. If no antibodies are found in the blood after 6 weeks, an HIV-infection can be ruled out.


An HIV-Rapid Test requires a time frame of 12 weeks to rule out an infection with certainty.

A Syphilis-Test requires a time frame of 10 weeks to rule out an infection with certainty.

Any questions or concerns about HIV, Syphilis and Sexuality?

Personal Counselling

Personal counselling is not bound to a test.


Do you have any questions about safer sex? …

Do you want to learn more about sexual health?

Do you have difficulties to talk about sexuality in your (sexual) relationship? …

Are you interested in PrEP? …

Do you want to anonymously talk about wearing experiences? …

Do you require more information material for you and others? …

Or do you have other questions on HIV, sex and health? …


… Visit us at Hans-Sachs-Gasse for a personal, anonymous and free of charge counselling interview. If the interview reveals the necessity of a test, it is of course possible to perform such.

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What does "anonymous" mean?

You do not need to give us your name. Everything you share will be dealt with in discretion.

Test results are exclusively returned in person after you have shown us your card with the code word on it. Test results are not shared on the telephone and will not be forwarded to third parties.

Counselling via E-Mail

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Counselling by Phone

during counselling hours call: (+43) 0316/81 50 50