Stories of HIV-positive people

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Giving people with HIV a voice:

Stories of those affected

For people, who are HIV-postive, it is often difficult to talk about their lives.

Employees of AIDS-Hilfe Steiermark have given them their voices.

Listen here to some stories of people who live with HIV:

Magazine "Menschen mit HIV eine Stimme geben!"

In 2016 we have published a magazine called “Menschen mit HIV eine Stimme geben!”. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of AIDS-Hilfe Steiermark we wanted to tell the manifold stories of those people we support and accompany for 30 years. It shows that people with HIV can not be lumped together, that they can not be reduced to their infections: each and every one is a unique personality – just like all of us. For HIV can hit any sexually active person.

Furthermore, we give an insight into current tasks of AIDS-Hilfe Steiermark.


Magazine "Menschen mit HIV eine Stimme geben!"